Triple Trading Company Over "idle" Advance Payment Shall Solve The Problem

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6 days Triple Trading Company The new executives said, three months early because of "idle" due to buy

Home Appliances Need to be prepaid shall solve the problem. In the future, the resolution of the Board, Joint Trading Company listed companies will increase the profitability of listed companies is no longer triple non-listed companies and related transactions, will gradually improve its after-sales, procurement and logistics systems.

Appliance store has now triple the crowd in Jinan

7 6 triple Jinan appliance stores in big crowds, the eighth summer computer

Digital Section began. This is a triple trading company after the implementation of the new management team took the first marketing campaigns. Triple trading company is also a new management team took over as the first Sunday. Triple Trading Company, a top executive said today will revive "the first Chinese home appliance store" presence.

2 14 triple major shareholder trading company changed hands, triple trading company shares subsequent dispute intensified. To mid-April, between the two major shareholders, the "rivalry" general manager leading listed companies, financial director of "absence." After nearly three months of "idle" Triple trading companies led to the procurement, marketing, poor work organization, employees feeling of insecurity, vendors wait and see.

7 1st, Triple Trading Company board of directors appointed as General Manager of Miss Zhang Yan. Prior to June 27 to shareholders of the General Assembly is no longer triple appliances and procurement of non-resolution of related transactions of listed companies. In accordance with the shareholders of the General Assembly resolution, the triple trading company will be perfect as soon as possible to adjust the company's organizational structure and operational systems, to achieve the company's independent operation and a virtuous circle. Strict compliance of listed companies "game rules", conscientiously perform the management shareholders and the board granted the powers, duties according to law compliance. Triple trading company currently has 9 outlets, listed companies considering relocation transformation, upgrading or even a way to speed up the development of new shop.

Advance payment of the issue shall be resolved

"Triple trading company in the future there will not pay for non-arrival of the problem." Triple trading company, according to the relevant person in charge, as pre-company "idle" and causes poor supply organizations, many consumers fail to Triple appliances they need immediate purchase appliances, but some consumers prefer to advance, booking must register to buy household appliances in the triple. According to statistics triple appliances, pre-paid prepaid goods reached 7.6 million, while the appointment of registered commercial value is as high as 10 million yuan. The operation started early accumulation of huge consumer demand can be a one-time settlement. Starting from 5 sources added in place, promotional activities are synchronized to follow up.

However, the new executives how to effectively do the professional managers, have to wait for the test of time.

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Triple Trading Company Over "idle" Advance Payment Shall Solve The Problem

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This article was published on 2010/09/18