Trading Pins For Competitive Figure Skating and National Competitions

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When you think about custom trading pins, you might envision something baseball themed.  That is not necessarily the case because we create pins for every type of sport, including competitive figure skating.

Girls and boys from all over the country meet up at tournaments and exchange their own pins for something equally as special.  This allows them the opportunity to get to know their competition better because interacting with other skaters is a necessity in order to make the best trades.

Add-Ons Make Pins Extra Special

Trading pins are unlike ordinary lapel pins because they often include add-ons like blinking lights, spinning and sliding pieces, bobble heads, simulated gemstones, and dangling charms.  They also can have glitter added to them for an outstanding look that attracts others.  The more unique and special the pin is the better its chances are of being traded quickly.

Commemorating a Special Tournament or Event

Lapel pins are a great way to commemorate a special tournament or event.  Their custom nature reflects the competitive sport of figure skating, its rich history, and the spirit of its athletes.  Relevant details like dates, locations, and tournament names make these items sought-after collectibles for anyone in attendance.

Adding an Element of Fun to Competitions

In addition to being the type of keepsake everyone wants to take home, custom trading pins add an extra element of excitement to competitions.  Almost as fun as the event itself, pin trading is a highlight for many skaters.  After the competition is over, they can meet in a central location and begin to negotiate trades for the pins that appeal most to them.  Who doesn't like having a whole bag of cool trading pins to look at after a tournament?

Skaters and other types of athletes alike love to trade pins.  You can find out more about the customization process by visiting Lapel Pins R Us at, by emailing or calling 1-800-480-6822.

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Trading Pins For Competitive Figure Skating and National Competitions

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This article was published on 2011/04/14