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Forex For Profits Mentoring Program Is Now Live!

Just received more information coming on Todd Mitchell’s new forex mentoring program.

Here is what he has to say…..

“Here’s a hint of what’s to come inside the mentoring program:

  • The 5 Biggest Trading Mistakes That WILL Prevent You from Becoming a Successful Trader – and will eventually make you fail as a trader if not avoided at all costs.

  • The Only 2 Trading Styles You Need to Master in the Forex. When it comes to making money in the Forex, there are only really 2 ways … and, I go over exactly what to look for. This is a critical element all professional traders consider before creating a strategy.

  • Essential Answers You Need to Know Before Trading the Forex. I know you’ve got questions – I might as well answer the questions you have and the questions you haven’t thought of yet … ranging from the basics (like ‘what is a currency pair?’) to more advanced questions (like ‘what are the best times to trade the Forex?’). It’s a powerful way to truly understand the Forex trading world.

  • 5 Important Timeframes Used by Professional Forex Traders.  Whether you’re looking at a long-term, intermediate or short-term (day trading) timeframe – you need to know what times are the most commonly watched and traded.

  • The Foundation and Building Blocks to Trading Mastery. This is where I tell you exactly when and where a trend will begin and end … this is critical to understanding the underlying movements and rhythm of the markets.  Even if you think you know everything about trends, I can promise you that you’ve never heard anything like this!
  • 4 Key Principles for Trading Mastery. I’m not talking about the basic psychological stuff you might have heard before – I’m talking about hard core trading variables that are an integral part of every trade setup.
  • 5 Essential Secrets to Consider When Applying the Market Flow Analysis Method. If you really want to get in with the few people “in the know” about trends, you really want to pay attention to this section.
  • How Fibonacci Retracements, When Used Correctly, Can Equip You With “Insider Secrets” No One Else Knows About. Fibonacci retracements have been around for a while, but surprisingly, no one seems to be using them like I do to better time entries, trends and a whole plethora of critical information that even give you a massive advantage over your competitors.  Oh, this is so good, you’ll want thank me even before you finish the course.

  • The Little-Known Indicator I Wouldn’t Want to Live Without. As you can probably guess, I’m not a fan of indicators that try to predict price for you … but, here’s one indicator that breaks all the rules.  This little guy has been on my charts for over 22 years and has added to the bigger part of my fortune – but, here’s the deal – this indicator alone, without the rest of the stuff that I teach in the Forex For Profits, is useless; however, when you combine everything I’m going to teach you with this powerful indicator – it comes together to form the ultimate combination!  And, just in case you’re wondering, I’ll tell you how this indicator is created and exactly how I use it – there’s no secrets here – I’ll reveal everything to you.

  • 2 Moving Averages That Make All the Difference. Unlike the common moving averages you might read above, I discovered two moving averages that have become highly effective tool for visually confirming higher probability trade setups.

  • 8 Concepts to Understand When Using Moving Averages. The biggest problem with moving averages is that most people don’t know how to use them correctly, so they end up losing money.  Understand what the moving averages are trying to tell you and how to incorporate them into your trading plan – and you’ll be a step above everyone else.

  • Key Points to Know About Support and Resistance. These are really easy concepts to follow once you understand a few simple principles.  This section alone could save you thousands of dollars in no time!

  • Volume Analysis That Drives the Forex.  All too often, you’ll hear people say that volume doesn’t matter in the Forex … thankfully, I didn’t listen to them.  I’ve discovered volume clues and patterns that have helped confirmed a trade entry, saved me from taking a loss and provided clues in trend that wouldn’t have been possible without this little nugget of information … and I’ll show you how to read volume like a pro!

  • 5 Forex High Probability Trading Strategies for Consistent & Steady Trading Profits.  Once you understand the basics of a trade setup, I’ll take you by the hand to show you step-by-step how to trade the 5 Forex trading strategies that have been proven to yield an awesome return with an astonishingly impressive accuracy rate.  This section alone will blow the doors off of any course or product you may have purchased in the past.
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Forex For Profits Mentoring Program Review

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This article was published on 2011/02/11