Best Forex Trading Software Ideas 2013

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There are many forex applications and trading systems available these days and so many forex traders using them. It is obvious that you will not become the best forex trader if you will be using the same trading methods. When a new trading system or technique is created and posted online, hundreds of thousands traders start using it and mostly all of them do not even change the default settings. All of them would not be profitable, this just does not make sense. So in other words if any trading system is profitable, it is profitable because very few people are using it. You need to stand out from the crowd and have unique trading method, have your very own trading system which should be a secret to others. This is the first step to becoming successful forex trader. Do what others do not want to do or do not have enough knowledge to do.

So where to search for the ideas and how to test them. Best forex traders use trading software that has a lot of possibilities and a lot of settings, that makes those programs to be very flexible. They use programs, that can offer hundreds of unique setup combinations. Those are worth to be called best forex trading software.

If we take a breakout trading as an example. Imagine two different products to trade breakouts. One gives you exact entry time, entry price, stop levels and even the days when to use the system. This would just be the same trading done over and over again by thousands of traders using the same product.

Now the other product is an Expert Advisor with a long list of settings and capabilities. You can set your own entry time, an entry price based on the last days high or low, and even extra pips added to those levels to make entry points more unpredictable. Stop levels could be generated according to the size of the last days price range and that would just mean different stop loss and take profit used every day. No one could guess the next profit levels you will use and can not predict what your move will be the next day. Its like playing chess, you do not want your opponent to know your next move, only then you can win the game.

What about the trend line trading? Would you rather choose a software that draws trading lines and initiates trades automatically for you like for the rest of the thousands forex traders? Or would you rather choose a software that allows you to draw a trendline yourself and only then it will initiate orders on a breakthrough of that line. No trading robot will ever be able to draw such quality trendlines like a human trader can do.

Practice this every day, analyze the market and you will find yourself among the profitable forex traders using the best trading software which gives you freedom in currency trading.

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Best Forex Trading Software Ideas 2013

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Best Forex Trading Software Ideas 2013

This article was published on 2013/04/27